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Here at we want you to discover how you can create a healthy lifestyle by recognizing the health benefits of everyday things. For example, lets say you are trying to eat more greens. Understanding the health benefits of kale will most likely encourage you to find many creative ways to fit it into your diet.

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There was a time, before there were fast food restaurants on every corner, that millions of families sat around the table to enjoy three square meals a day. Grant it, some of those meals were high in cholesterol and saturated fats, but folks were much more active back then. Children played outdoors practically from sun up to sun down and parents kept busy as well with work, home chores and their children’s extracurricular activities.

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle: One Step at a Time

These days, people are quitting smoking, cutting back on alcohol and watching what they eat. Like any habit, living a healthy lifestyle requires a strong commitment and desire. And since most of us are not farmers or have our own gardens, the crop of whole foods stores has certainly helped to create plenty of food choices for a healthy diet.

Whole foods are foods that are unrefined and unprocessed and usually do not contain added ingredients like salt, sugar or fat. The body is properly fueled by whole foods because they are rich in vital nutrients that our bodies crave.

Since the beginning of time, all human food was whole food. Dairy products were non-homogenized. Organic fruits and vegetables were grown in fertile soil, treated with manure provided by animal or vegetable wastes and not soaked in pesticides or other chemicals.

Replacing Processed Foods with Whole Foods

Over the last few decades it become very convenient to rely on processed foods. However, we are also paying a price for convenience in terms of our health. Nowadays more and more people are getting back to basics and creating healthier versions of their favorite foods at home.

Dark green leafy vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains contain large amounts of antioxidant phenolics and fiber that may help protect against chronic diseases. The most common foods known to contain antioxidants are berries, beans, potatoes, nuts and dark chocolate, to name a few.

A healthy diet, adequate exercise and proper nutrition are vital to healthy living. It is all relevant to weight management and reducing stress, along with reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Obesity is also a real problem in today’s society. Living in this age of technology has only seduced us into sitting more and exercising less.

There is always something on television to watch, dozens of apps to download on our phones, hundreds of texts or emails to send out and thousands of web searches to perform. Meanwhile, we’re gaining weight and developing high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic health problems.

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Move More and Sit Less

Instead of paying someone to rake that unending pile of leaves in the front yard, why not grab the rake yourself and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine?  You will be burning calories and moving your limbs while receiving generous doses of vitamin D from the sun. And when it comes to health, many people ignore the importance of taking care of their bones and teeth. Having good strong bones protect our organs and anchors our muscles.

Bones need adequate consumption of calcium in order for  proper functioning of the heart, nerves and muscle. Excellent sources of calcium include dairy products such milk, cheese and yogurt; dark green vegetables such as broccoli and bok choy, almonds, breads, cereal, and tofu products are other good sources.

It is a widely known fact that regular physical activity produces great health benefits. In addition to calcium, weight-bearing exercises causes bones and muscles to reach peak bone mass and work against gravity. Examples of such weight-bearing physical exercise include:

• Basketball
• Dancing
• Hiking
• Jumping rope
• Jogging, running or brisk walking
• Lifting weights
• Playing racquetball or tennis
• Field hockey
• Soccer
• Stair climbing
• Step aerobics
• Tai Chi

Walk More for Better Health

It may be worth your while to sacrifice a few hours of watching television by substituting this pastime with walking. Spending a little extra time on the treadmill or walks around the block will do wonders in no time. Carry a pair of dumbbells and practice deep breathing exercises as you walk. You will not only feel invigorated and lose weight, but breathing in some fresh air will be beneficial to the lungs and cardiovascular system.

Indoor and outdoor chores are other fantastic ways of keeping the body fit and the house in order. Gardening and general house cleaning will certainly activate those muscles that may have been lying dormant.

Again, living in a technology-driven world where so much can be accomplished while remaining in a sedentary position can be damaging to the body, mind and soul. Every fiber of our being needs stimulation. The spirit needs to be quieted and relaxed to receive inspiration. The mind also needs rest from time to time so that it can handle daily challenges and duties. And the body needs proper nourishment and exercise to function and potentially have a long life free from disease and ailments.

Healthy living does not necessarily mean compromising good tastes for bland meals nor does it mean having to live at the gym. It simply increases chances of having a better quality of life and perhaps even less trips to the doctor’s office.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a habit and it’s never too late to start good ones, especially habits that can be passed down to generations to come. Trends, concepts and discoveries are forever changing or being made. To keep up to date on current trends, be sure to join our mailing list for the very latest on living a healthy lifestyle.

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